The Incredible Journey of Smartypet

One Man, One Vision, Many Products.

Discover Excellence in Every Pawstep: World-class Quality At Affordable Prices

A Company with a Commitment

Smartypet Pet Products, established in 2010 in New Delhi, India, is a visionary venture committed to offering top-tier pet care items at reasonable prices. Over the years, the company has evolved into one of India’s premier importers, manufacturers, and traders of pet care essentials, earning the trust of both pet owners and businesses alike.



Since its inception, Smartypet has been driven by a relentless pursuit of new and innovative products to expand its product range. The company is dedicated to fine-tuning its existing offerings, ensuring the delivery of unparalleled products to its discerning customers. In the pursuit of excellence, Smartypet leaves no stone unturned, striving to bring world-class pet care products to the shores of India, firmly grounded in its commitment to providing the highest quality items to its customers.



Smartypet is more than just an importer of international products; it takes pride in manufacturing several products in-house, a strategic move aimed at maintaining affordable pricing for its clientele. The company adheres unwaveringly to its principle of “no compromise on quality” even in the realm of manufacturing. This steadfast commitment has led to the creation of proprietary brands, including the well-regarded Oh My Dog and Holy Paws, renowned for their exceptional quality and affordability.



Oh My Dog represents a comprehensive line of premium shampoos and cosmetic products tailored for pets. This diverse range encompasses various grooming essentials such as shampoo, coat conditioner, dry bath (waterless shampoo), deodorant, perfume, paw cream, and soap. Crafted from the finest ingredients, these products are designed to assist pet parents in maintaining the optimal appearance and well-being of their beloved furry companions.



Under the Holy Paws banner, Smartypet has introduced a diverse range of products, including leashes, collars, harnesses, pet bowls, and other accessories, primarily manufactured in India. The company places a strong emphasis on supporting the local economy by sourcing materials and products domestically. The Holy Paws line is meticulously designed to offer high-quality, affordable solutions that cater to the diverse needs of pet parents.



In addition to cultivating its proprietary brands, Smartypet has successfully introduced renowned international brands to the Indian market. Notable names in this lineup include Nunbell, EE Toys, Codos, Patento Pet, Forcans, and Thermoswitch. These brands are celebrated for their exceptional quality and affordability, quickly gaining popularity among pet parents across India.



The journey of Smartypet Pet Products since its establishment in 2010 has been marked by a remarkable trajectory. The company has earned a sterling reputation for providing premium pet care products at accessible price points. Committed to continuous improvement, Smartypet focuses on enhancing its product range to ensure its customers have access to the very best. Through its unwavering dedication to quality without compromise, Smartypet remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering top-tier products at competitive prices, enabling pet parents to offer unparalleled care to their cherished companions.


Oh My Dog

Oh My Dog! offers an extensive collection of high-quality grooming products for pets, including premium shampoos, coat conditioners, waterless shampoo, deodorant, perfume, paw cream, and soap. Crafted from the finest ingredients, these products are designed to help pet parents maintain the optimal appearance and well-being of their beloved furry companions.

Holy Paws

Within the Holy Paws collection by Smartypet, discover a diverse array of pet essentials – leashes, collars, harnesses, and bowls, all crafted with local craftsmanship and world-class quality, proudly “Made in India.” Smartypet is dedicated to supporting the local economy by domestically sourcing materials, ensuring the Holy Paws line provides meticulously designed, high-quality, and affordable solutions tailored to the varied needs of pet parents.


Nunbell stands out prominently for its specialization in dog accessories and grooming tools. Renowned for its dedication to canine care, Nunbell has become synonymous with quality and innovation in the realm of pet grooming. From stylish collars to efficient grooming tools, Nunbell is a trusted name among pet parents seeking top-notch accessories for their furry companions.

EE Toys

EE Toys, another gem in Smartypet’s curated collection, has established itself as a premier brand in the realm of pet toys. Recognized for its commitment to fun, safety, and durability, EE Toys provides pet owners with a vast array of playthings that engage and entertain their beloved pets. With a focus on quality and interactive design, EE Toys ensures that playtime for pets is not only enjoyable but also stimulating.


Codos, a brand highly revered in the grooming industry, has carved a niche for itself with top-notch yet affordable pet hair clippers and hair dryers. Widely acknowledged as the preferred brand by groomers across India, Codos combines precision engineering with accessibility, allowing both professionals and pet owners to achieve salon-quality grooming in the comfort of their homes.

Patento Pet

Patento Pet, a German brand proudly featured in Smartypet’s lineup, specializes in pet leashes and harnesses. Known for its commitment to durability and safety, Patento products provide pet owners with reliable and stylish accessories that ensure a secure and comfortable experience for their furry friends during walks and outdoor activities.


Forcans, a Korean brand synonymous with luxury in pet care, takes center stage with its premium dog shampoo and hygiene products. The brand has become the preferred choice of groomers, offering a range of products crafted with precision and care. Forcans elevates the grooming experience, providing pet parents with solutions that prioritize the well-being and aesthetics of their furry companions.


Introducing a touch of sophistication to pet living spaces, Thermoswitch, a sub-brand of Patento, specializes in premium quality beddings and sofas for pets. Crafting products that seamlessly blend comfort, style, and functionality, Thermoswitch adds an element of luxury to a pet’s domain, ensuring they have a cozy haven within their human households.

The Man with The Vision

Ashish Arora

Meet Ashish Arora, a creative thinker and industry veteran who has led Smartypet Pet Products for over 20 years. With a 70-year family tradition in animal accessories, his entrepreneurial abilities and robust mindset have made him an icon in the Indian pet sector. His vision has received recognition for revolutionising pet care with creative solutions, demonstrating a deep love for animals.Leading with a forward-thinking approach expressed in his avant-garde vision, "Global Products at Local Rates," Ashish Arora has considerably increased the accessibility of pet products throughout India. His dedication to offering high-quality solutions at reasonable pricing is embedded in the DNA of Smartypet Pet Products.

Ashish Arora continues to be a driving force today, ranking among the most significant personalities in Indian pet care. His work is distinguished by a proactive commitment to innovation, which improves the lives of dogs and their owners. As a pet lover, he constantly pushes the frontiers of what is possible in the pet care industry, concentrating not only on addressing pet owners' requirements but also on improving the well-being of their beloved furry friends.Today, Ashish Arora is a guiding force, influencing the course of the Indian pet sector, encouraging innovation, and leaving an indelible legacy for the benefit of pets and their dedicated owners.